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Credere’s staff is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of service and expertise. Combined, Credere’s staff have years of experience in the environmental, engineering, and geologic fields. Our staff’s experience is summarized below.

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Mr. Beahm is an Environmental Scientist I with Credere Associates, LLC and holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a minor in Geology from the University of Maine at Farmington (2018).  Chris has experience in various capacities with Credere, including environmental investigations, hazardous building material assessments, remediation/demolition oversight, and continued environmental monitoring evaluations across Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  His responsibilities include site research, geographic information system (GIS) drawings, environmental field sampling, analysis of laboratory data, oversight of subcontractors, and report writing.   Chris is also responsible for writing and approving all health & safety plans and the management of Credere’s health and safety program.  Chris is a Maine-licensed Asbestos Inspector, Asbestos Air Monitor, and Lead Inspector.

With over 35 years-experience in the civil and environmental engineering field involving contracting, construction, remediation, and demolition, Mr. Conroy specializes in the design, implementation and management of projects for Federal, State, Local and Private clients. Mr. Conroy is experienced in all phases of the management of complex environmental and civil engineering projects, including the design and preparation of reports, development and implementation of field programs, supervision of technical staff, and budget tracking and control. As a Senior Project Manager and Lead Civil Engineer, Mr. Conroy is responsible for supervising and participating in the planning and implementation of environmental, civil, and demolition projects, including development and implementation of work plans, principal review of reports, supervision of staff, and budget control.

Ms. Drouin is a Geologist with 13 years of professional experience in a wide range of geological evaluations, field sampling procedures, geotechnical explorations, contractor oversight with environmental monitoring, and reporting experience.  Ms. Drouin is a Certified and Professional Geologist in Maine and New Hampshire, respectively.  Ms. Drouin oversees/performs all stages of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, manages environmental cleanups, and serves as the Technical Lead for Credere’s federal projects and Brownfields projects.  She has coordinated field mobilizations, performed quality control in accordance with applicable federal standards, completed technical analysis of data, and mediated the many moving parts involved in the federal work process.

Mr. Desjarlais has over 10 years of experience working for a wide-range of clients and sites across the United States.  Early-career work included fieldwork oversight and support of soil and groundwater investigations for a super-major oil company with projects types ranging from retail gas stations to pipeline and production facilities.  Mr. Desjarlais gained extensive experience working within the complex California regulatory framework and implementing client’s behavior-based health and safety program while performing site assessment activities, UST removal, and construction oversight. During this time frame Mr. Desjarlais also gained experience in performing oversight and monitoring of biological and cultural/archaeological resources for Federal Trustees (NOAA/NPS/USFWS) while working as field scientist during response phase of 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.  In 2017 he completed a publicly-funded Masters degree investigating Holocene slip rates on the Southern San Andreas Fault system aiding USGS in earthquake forecasting for greater Los Angeles Metro area. More-recent career work includes transition of focus to data management and visualization practices using various software suites including Python-based data-science modules as well as data interpolation tools. Mr. Desjarlais is considered an Advanced-level GIS user specializing in quality control, graphic design and using LiDAR-derived DEM datasets to further CSM development. Mr. Desjarlais is currently working to support Credere’s Federal contracts team.

Mr. Duffy is an Environmental Engineer II with Credere Associates, LLC and holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Vermont (2017). Prior to Joining Credere, he spent three years working as a project engineer and environmental scientist in the greater Philadelphia area. His previous experience includes environmental sampling, work plan development, and construction oversight primarily for US Army Corps of Engineers’ remediation projects. Since joining Credere, Mr. Duffy has gained experience in groundwater sampling, federal construction QC/Safety, soil sampling, preparing plans, and conducting oversight for various environmental construction projects throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Connor has recently obtained he Professional Engineering license.

Ms. Eames is a Senior Project Manager and Geologist with CREDERE with 30+ years of diverse professional experience and technical expertise in the environmental consulting industry. Bettina has a geology degree from Boston University, a Masters Degree in Science Teaching from Boston College and a Certificate of Professional Achievement in Hazardous Waste Management from Northeastern University. Her key practice areas include environmental due diligence, site investigation, human health risk assessment, remedial planning, waste management and site remediation. Bettina provides senior level technical support including project planning, implementation, and reporting for various types of residential and complex commercial and industrial sites, including multiple EPA brownfields sites throughout New England and interfaces with clients and regulators to meet project performance objectives. Bettina has extensive experience working in Massachusetts and has provided all levels of LSP support services under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan. She has special interest and extensive experience implementing Institutional Controls to help minimize the potential for exposure to contamination as part of the remedial strategy. Outside of Work, Bettina is at the barn with her dressage horse Romek or her two labs Stella and Obie.

Mansour El-Alwi graduated from Northeastern University in Industrial Engineering and Information System. Mansour brings over thirty years of construction experience to Credere. Mansour’s first job was as a construction inspector, which set his path forward for his career in construction. Mansour has extensive experience from Inspector, Field Engineer, Cost Controller, Superintendent, Operation Manager, and Project Manager to company CEO. Mansour prides himself with the ability to look at every job of any size with an “inspector hat” with an eye on quality.
As head of Planning and Development and Director of Projects and Investments for a multi-million Construction Company, Mansour managed contractors, wrote, and reviewed the contract and feasibility studies.
Mansour has managed and trained many professional trades over his career. He enjoys working with people and loves facing challenges. “If I lack knowledge, I will seek it.” – Mansour

Mr. Gannon is a Geologist II with Credere Associates, LLC.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and Geology from St. Lawrence University (2015).  Mr. Gannon has worked on a variety of environmental site assessment, monitoring, and cleanup projects, with responsibilities including all aspects of ASTM compliant Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments; GPS management, GIS mapping and analysis; the planning, execution, and associated report requirements of field efforts for complex environmental investigations, recurring sampling programs, and inspection/operations & maintenance programs; as well as cleanup planning, oversight, and completion reporting; at sites under various Brownfields assessment and cleanup programs, at USACE LTM sites, and during CERCLA Remedial Investigations at USACE FUDS sites.  Mr. Gannon’s field experience includes test pitting oversight; underground storage tank removal oversight; drilling oversight and core logging; soil sampling and characterization; monitoring well installation, development, hydraulic conductivity testing; and groundwater field screening and sampling.  Mr. Gannon is certified in Maine as an Asbestos Air Monitor, Radon in Air and Radon in Water Tester, has AARST/NRPP accreditation for HUD-compliant multi-family building radon testing, and is certified in both Maine and New Hampshire as a Lead Inspector and Asbestos Inspector, and is experienced in PCB-containing building materials surveys.

Mr. Haber is a Geologist I with Credere Associates, LLC and holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science from the University of New Hampshire (2021) and a Master of Science in Earth Science from The Ohio State University (2023). Since joining Credere, Peter has completed several Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and gained experience in environmental field sampling (soil, groundwater, and air). He also has experience with GIS mapping and drawing CAD plans. Peter is currently working toward becoming a Maine licensed Lead Inspector.

Ms. Hixon is an Environmental Engineer I with Credere Associates, LLC and holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine at Orono (2017). Prior to Credere, she spent seven years working as a project engineer throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Her previous experience includes engineering oversight, site investigations, site remediation, industrial hygiene assessments, and environmental media sampling and monitoring. Since joining Credere, Ms. Hixon has gained experience in Phase I environmental site assessments and is working toward becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Ms. Kaija is an Environmental Engineer I with Credere Associates, LLC. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and International & Global Studies from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2021). Lauren has previous experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis, wetland delineation, soil sampling, and permitting. Since joining Credere in August 2021, Lauren has worked on numerous private and Brownfields Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, with responsibilities including environmental field sampling, GIS mapping, data management and analysis, and report writing. She has also performed geotechnical drilling activities in Massachusetts, involving soil characterization for investigative purposes. Lauren is a Maine-licensed Lead Inspector and Measurement Professional of radon in air. Lauren is an Engineering Intern and is working towards her Professional Engineering license.

Mr. Kern is an Environmental Engineer with Credere Associates, LLC and holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Maine at Orono (2016). Prior to Joining Credere, he spent three years working as a design engineer in Southern Maine. His previous experience includes utility and roadway design, stormwater modeling, and construction oversight. Since joining Credere he has gained experience in environmental site assessment and construction and remediation oversight.

Mr. Newcomb is a Senior Project Manager and Geologist for Credere with over 21 years of experience.  He is a Licensed Geologist in Maine and a Professional Geologist in New Hampshire, a licensed asbestos inspector and air monitor, and has extensive experience in all hazardous building materials assessment.  Mr. Newcomb is currently or has managed the assessment and cleanup of numerous Brownfields assessment programs and has significant experience in hazardous waste and petroleum related investigations and cleanup projects ranging from residential property to large scale industrial sites such as paper mills throughout New England.  From managing a contaminated property through investigation and cleanup to a “clean” site, Mr. Newcomb is proficient in all field investigation and remedial methods including soil, groundwater, drinking water, indoor air, soil gas, and sediment sampling, building materials assessment, various types of environmental and geotechnical drilling, remediations system operation and maintenance, various methods of soil excavation, covering, and encapsulation, in-situ remedial alternatives, as well as typical report writing and other necessary administrative requirements.  Through Credere’s Brownfields work, Mr. Newcomb is also highly experienced at navigating the Maine DEP Voluntary Response Action Program (VRAP) and New Hampshire DES’ Brownfields Covenant Not To Sue program to assist with cleanups.

Ms. Patten is a geotechnical and environmental engineer with 25 years of engineering experience and co-founder of the woman-owned Credere Associates, LLC. Ms. Patten currently serves as President. She oversees the daily operation of the office and is principally in charge of the financial and business management of the company. Ms. Patten’s engineering experience involved a variety of environmental and geotechnical projects including Brownfields project Eastern Fine Paper in Brewer, Maine, and Superfund project Callahan Mine in Brooksville, Maine.

Her project responsibilities have included managing, coordinating and conducting field work associated with remediation activities, hydrogeologic and geotechnical investigations; observing and documenting construction activities and providing construction quality assurance; performing calculations to support environmental, geotechnical and solid waste design projects; performing a variety of geotechnical and hydrological computer analyses; developing environmental and geotechnical and civil design recommendations; and report writing.

Mr. Patten is an environmental engineer with 30 years experience in assessment, investigation, design, permitting, remediation and disposal of petroleum and hazardous wastes, and is currently Vice President of Credere Associates, LLC.   Mr. Patten has served as senior technical reviewer, project manager and senior project engineer for numerous compliance, assessment, investigation and remediation projects including Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs), Brownfield programs and investigations, remedial investigations, remedial action planning, groundwater extraction and treatment system design, soil vapor extraction design and soil removals. On the Brownfields side, Mr. Patten has demonstrated an ability to develop strong working relationship with site developers and site owners and has extensive experience and knowledge in the various funding, site eligibility, and inventory process, as well as the selection of sites that will maximize economic development potential for a community.

Gracie Patten joined Credere Associates, LLC as an Office Dog in Training in February 2019 and has graduated to full Office Dog in 2021.  Since joining Gracie has honed her skills at stair climbing and pedestrian watching.  Gracie enjoys spending her office time with everyone, wrestling all over the office and growling at squeaky toys, and visiting each employee during mealtimes.  Her favorite things are blueberries and peanut butter (not necessarily together) from Uncle Stacy and raiding the recycling bin.  Besides learning the ins and outs of a Phase I report, Gracie aspires to spread joy and happiness throughout the office.  In her leisure time, she enjoys belly rubs and long walks on the beach.

Ms. Taiani has worked at Credere since 2011 as a part-time administrative assistant. Jenn is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine. Jenn’s responsibilities included day-to-day bookkeeping, reproduction, and ordering supplies. Jenn is also a notary in the State of Maine. Jenn is a dedicated, loving mother of three, who keep her busy and looking forward to her hours in the office.

With a BA degree in Earth & Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University and a MS in Water Resource Engineering from the University of New Hampshire, Mr. Thompson has 6 years’ experience in the mining industry and 33 years’ experience consulting in environmental engineering.  His specialty is fractured bedrock contaminated sites.  Over his career he has served as field hydrogeologist, senior and principal scientist, and project manager.  He currently manages Credere’s Federal Program contracts with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for the Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) program.  He has served as a national lecturer for the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) on the design, operation, and closure of RCRA Subtitle D solid waste facilities and as a lecturer for the National Groundwater Association (NGWA) on characterization and remediation of fractured bedrock sites.  His work experience includes Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies at Superfund sites under CERCLA (Loring AFB, Eastland Woolen Mill Superfund Site, Callahan Mine, Elizabeth Mine, Olin Chemical Superfund Site, Morgantown Ordinance Works, etc), closure design of abandoned mine sites (KerrAmerican, Blue Hill, Maine; Henry Knob, NC), remediation of coal tar impacted sediments at manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites (Portland Gas Works, Bangor Landing) and assessment of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Sites (Chemfab, North Bennington VT; former Loring AFB, Plattsburgh AFB, and various other smaller sites).  He has a strong regulatory background under CERCLA and is expert in developing site closure and exit strategies, including assessment of technical impracticability in fractured media.

Mr. Towne is an Environmental Specialist with Credere Associates, LLC.  He holds a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science from Salem State University (2011) and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from the University of Southern Maine (1998).  Stacy has a very diverse background, including eight years spent in the marine industry on board a chemical product tanker and acting as a GIS research assistant investigating risk assessment for energy emissions.  Since joining Credere in January 2017, Mr. Towne’s responsibilities include abatement and demolition oversight in his role as Site Safety and Health Officer, environmental field sampling (including but not limited to hazardous building materials, soil, and groundwater), Mr. Towne has performed groundwater sampling, monitoring well installation and development, periodic inspections, SSHO responsibilities, operations and maintenance programs, and hazardous building material assessment and abatement planning during CERCLA Remedial Investigations, at US Army Corp of Engineers Long Term Monitoring and Formerly Used Defense Sites sites.  He is a licensed Asbestos Inspector in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Virginia and is a Maine-licensed Asbestos Air Monitor and Lead Inspector. 

Mr. Vandenberg is a Senior Hydrogeologist with Credere Associates, LLC with 33 years of experience in assessment, investigation, remediation of petroleum and hazardous waste, and development of water supplies.  He has managed several hundred assessments, investigations, and environmental due diligence projects that involve the completion of Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs) using ASTM International standard practices/guides (i.e. ASTM 1527-13 and ASTM 1903-11).  Rick is an active member of ASTM’s E50 subcommittee, which is the group that maintains the environmental standards/guides that are followed by the majority of environmental professionals nation-wide.  Where necessary, Rick led remedial action planning efforts for his projects which routinely involve the development of Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) and/or Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives (ABCAs).  Other areas of expertise that Rick has include: 3-D groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling and water supply development/permitting for communities and commercial/industrial water users in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Mr. Walker is a Project Manager and Geologist with Credere with over 21 years of experience in environmental, geotechnical, and geologic consulting.  He is a New Hampshire licensed Professional Geologist and his management experience includes soil, groundwater, and drinking water assessments and remediation.  Mr. Walkers project involvement includes proposal development, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, field sampling, geotechnical exploration, contractor oversight, and regulatory reporting for various project sites including industrial mills, bulk petroleum storage facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, and commercial and residential properties.  With Credere, Mr. Walker has helped organize successful drinking water monitoring programs and currently manages several groundwater and drinking water monitoring projects for private and federal clients throughout New England.  He is also involved with Credere’s successful Brownfields assessment programs in Maine and New Hampshire.

Mr. Weiss is an Environmental Scientist with Credere Associates, LLC and holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a Concentration in Natural Resources from Johnson State College (2012).  Mr. Weiss has experience in environmental sampling and analysis planning, groundwater and surface water monitoring, field screening and sampling using peristaltic pumps and bladder pumps, soil boring advancement, monitoring well installation and sampling, test pitting oversight, soil sampling and characterization, hazardous building material abatement investigation, public and private water distribution system sampling, and Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and investigation activities.  Mr. Weiss has worked on numerous Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments throughout New Hampshire and Maine with responsibilities including site research, GIS mapping, environmental field sampling, and report writing.  He looks forward to becoming a Professional Wetland Scientist (and New Hampshire Certified Wetland Scientist) in the coming years.

Ms. Wentworth is an Environmental Specialist/Geologist I with Credere Associates, LLC.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences conc. Geology from Bridgewater State University (2013).  Prior to joining Credere, she spent 3-years specializing in hazardous materials management and abatement consulting in Massachusetts.  Moira has over 4 years of experience with Credere, including environmental investigations, hazardous building material assessments, remediation/demolition oversight, and continued environmental monitoring, throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.  Her responsibilities include site research, geographic information system (GIS) and computer automated design (CAD) drawings, environmental field sampling, analysis of laboratory data, oversight of subcontractors, coordinating field mobilizations, performing quality control, and report writing.  Moira is a Massachusetts-licensed Asbestos Inspector and Asbestos Project Monitor, a Maine-licensed Asbestos Inspector, Asbestos Air Monitor, Lead Supervisor, Lead Design Consultant, Lead Inspector, and Risk Assessor, a New Hampshire-licensed Asbestos Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor, and a Rhode Island-licensed Asbestos Inspector. 

Oakley Wentworth-Stafford joined Credere as an office dog in training in March 2022.  Since joining Credere, Oakley has begun to gain experience in long meetings, weird city sounds, and the art of the “roll over”.  He enjoys visits from Lauren, carrot slices, and a refreshing frozen kong in the afternoon.  His future goals include taking on the responsibility of a full Office Dog, learning the ins and outs of field work, and hopefully evolving his “roll over” to a full “play dead”.