The word “credere” means “to believe” in Italian.  Credere is also an acronym for community revitalization, economic development, environmental remediation, and engineering.  It was very important to Theresa and Rip Patten when naming the company that the name communicates something more than crediting the owners.  The name should embody the company mission: what the company believes, what it aspires to do for its clients, and the means through which it can be achieved.  To us, Credere is the perfect name.  We believe that we can use our engineering education and our knowledge of environmental remediation to help our clients achieve community revitalization by successful completion of redevelopment projects.  It is our small way make the world a little better.  Credere works with planning commissions, municipalities, economic development boards, private developers, and local and federal government agencies to overcome environmental issues that are hindering the redevelopment process.

Credere’s mission is to provide services that positively impact the community, economy, and environment that our clients and employees work, live and play.

Credere has extensive experience in completing long-term, sustainable Brownfields Programs and private redevelopment projects, which use smart growth principles. The projects include various tasks, such as, environmental assessment, re-use planning and remediation and redevelopment engineering.

Moira and Stacy Drilling Gould - CredereCredere’s Portland, Maine, office was originally formed in 1989 as Environmental Engineering and Remediation, Inc. (EER) and was subsequently acquired by Aquarion Engineering Services in 2001, Edwards and Kelcey in 2005, and Jacobs Edwards and Kelcey in the spring of 2007.  In the fall of 2007, Theresa Patten with her partner Rip Patten acquired the Portland, Maine, office of Jacobs Edwards and Kelcey and incorporated Credere. In December of 2010 Theresa purchased their current building located in Westbrook, Maine.  After renovating the building, Credere officially moved to Westbrook in April of 2010.

Theresa not only strives to employ people who are dedicated to using their talents to help Credere’s clients have a positive impact on the communities in which they serve, but also she tries to create a workplace where employees are proud to work and are excited about the work that they do.