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Examples of high profile projects that Credere has completed include:

The former Eastern Fine Paper site in Brewer, ME was recently redeveloped by Cianbro Constructors, LLC into a Modular Fabrication Facility creating 500 new jobs and leveraging $50 million in private investment.  Credere completed the environmental assessment and remedial planning work and oversaw the remediation as part of the construction of the new facility.  Credere also worked with the City of Brewer and South Brewer Redevelopment, LLC to obtain more than $2 million in EPA funding to complete the site assessment and remediation activities required to support the redevelopment.  Our remedial design was intimately combined with the overall site design resulting in a cost savings of over $1 million.  This project was recieved a Phoenix Award for excellence at the 2009 Brownfields Conference in New Orleans, LA.

The North Berwick Woolen Mill in North Berwick, ME was investigated as part of the Southern Maine Regional Planning (SMRPC) Brownfields Program and was recently redeveloped by the Caleb Foundation into 40 affordable housing units for seniors.  This project will supply housing units to meet 40% of the current demand for senior affordable housing in the area.  Credere completed environmental assessment activities at the site, assisted in the application and award of a $200,000 EPA Cleanup Grant, recently implemented the remedial design and oversaw environmental remediation as part of the redevelopment project.

The Westbrook Stultz Electric/Foye Mill Brownfields site was redeveloped in 2004 into the One Riverfront Plaza office building.  This 140,000 square foot office building brought a $16 million private investment and approximately 600 new jobs to the Westbrook downtown.  Credere (then Edwards and Kelcey) completed the Brownfields Assessment, Investigation, Reuse Planning, and community charrettes as part of the Westbrook Brownfields Program and performed remediation oversight and completed site design services for the office building and associated parking garage.  This site was chosen by EPA Region 1 as one of the “marquis” success stories for Maine Brownfield projects at the 2004 and 2005 National Brownfields Conference.



The former Nashua Manufacturing Boiler House site in Nashua, NH was investigated under Nashua Regional Planning Commission Petroleum Brownfields Program.  Credere conducted Environmental Investigations and Reuse Planning including a structural and architectural evaluation of the building to assist potential developers in evaluating the site for redevelopment.  Currently, a local developer is moving forward with the redevelopment of the boiler house into mixed commercial office space.  This redevelopment is expected to begin within the next 12 months pending on the outcome of the final routing of the proposed Broad Street Parkway.


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Geotechnical investigation and stability analysis at the Callahan Mine Superfund Site in Brooksville, Maine.  Additionally, Credere completed the final design of remedial actions at Operable Unit 1 (OU1), which included the removal and onsite disposal of the Ore Pad and the removal of PCB and lead contaminated residential soils.  Our scope of work included capping, restoration, and final grading and design of the disturbed areas and an extensive geotechnical investigation to support the remedial actions to relocate residential material and Ore Pad material to the tailings impoundment area.

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The Aerofab Mill, in Sanford, Maine, was investigated, remediated, and redeveloped into a parking lot using a combination of Brownfields funding sources provided by the City of Sanford, Southern Maine Region Planning commission and The State of Maine Brownfields Program.  Credere conducted environmental assessment; provided remediation design, specifications, bidding, contracting, and oversight; and support to the City of Sanford in managing the multipule fundiong sources. 

Credere oversaw the RCRA Closure of the former Hill Loma industrial facility in Gorham, Maine which involved removal of hazardous materials and the cleanup of contaminated surfaces prior to re-occupancy of the building.  Credere prepared the necessary closure documentation and worked with the Maine DEP to de-list the facility as a RCRA generator.

For many public garages and industrial clients throughout New England, Credere has completed numerous Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans.  Plans are developed in accordance with 40 CFR 112.  Projects include the Cape Elizabeth Public Works Garage and Yarmouth Public Works.

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Credere designed and implemented a program of leachate scale mitigation at the Turnkey Landfill in Rochester, NH.  Credere designed a three day program of hydrochloric acid washing of Phase 4 of the TLR III landfill at Turnkey.  The program successfully restored the performance of the leachate collection system at the landfill saving Waste Management significant funds by avoiding a physical replacement of the leachate collection system.

Credere has completed numerous audits of facilities and developed many Stormwater Pollution Protection Plans (SWPPP) for commercial and industrial clients throughout Maine.  Projects include Genest Concrete Works in Sanford, Maine and Skyhaven Airport in Rochester, New Hampshire.  

Credere implemented a long-term post-closure monitoring program at Ash and Gracelawn landfills in Auburn, Maine which included groundwater, surface water and leachate monitoring as well as data evaluation, statistical analysis and annual data reporting.

Credere performed bi-weekly facility monitoring of a groundwater treatment system at the U.S. Postal Services facility in Waltham, Massachusetts that included air stripper and carbon treatment maintenance, and maintenance of pumping and carbon systems as well as monthly reporting.